Hummingbird Rhinestone Vinyl Heat Transfer Iron on Design By Rhinestop



Measurements: 13″ x 9″ (inches)

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Preheat the iron to a cotton setting (about 320–340 degrees).
Place transfer face down on a flat surface and carefully lift the backing from the design. If any stones have shifted out of place, carefully put them back into place using tweezers.
Place the transfer, stone side down, onto the fabric and press into place with your hand. If it is not in the desired position, lift and reposition. (Once the rhinestones are heat bonded to fabric, you can’t move them.)
Place iron over the design area and apply steady pressure for 15 seconds (DO NOT MOVE IRON AROUND AS STONES MAY SHIFT)
Place the iron over another design area for another 15 seconds, and repeat until the entire design is pressed. (Do not overheat or glue will lose its adhesion). Then Set aside and allow transfer to cool.
Slowly and carefully peel the clear plastic sheet away from the fabric. If stones are not sticking, replace the plastic sheet back onto the shirt, and you may re-iron on the opposite side of the fabric again.
For best care, wash the garment inside out on a cold, delicate cycle & hang it dry.

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